Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Veggies That Burn Abdominal Fat

Vegetables That Help You Lose Belly Fat 

There are certain vegetables that can stimulate the burning of belly fat. I guess that you are not aware of that. This is a class of green vegetables that have phytonutrients which are really helpful and can effectively eliminate stomach fat.
I’d like to tell you about these unique and extraordinary green veggies and how they can burn the fat out from your stomach and give you more energy.

Chemicals that induce your body to accumulate fat in your belly…

You heard a lot about certain chemicals incidentally used in the production of food like pesticides, herbicides, and a lot about certain petrochemical compounds that pollute the air and water, and household cleaners, cosmetic products and many more. These can react with your body and make it store excess fats in the area of your abs.
These chemicals are known as xenoestrogens. These are chemical compounds and by-products that you are exposed to daily and can’t avoid in this modern world, and those have estrogenic effects in your body. Excessive exposure to those can cause hormone balance disruptions for both men and women. These can be harmful and wreak havoc in the body for both guys and gals.
These estrogenic chemicals that you are exposed to daily can induce your body to accumulate belly fat, along with many other health problems which include cancer risks in the long term.

How does this remarkable class of vegetables work?

One of the important things which I recommend to my clients that seek nutritional counseling is to consider the consumption of cruciferous vegetables in their diet. These have been tried and proven to get rid of stomach fat.
Here’s why. Cruciferous vegetables such as brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, kale, and many others contain special and unique phytonutrients such as indole-3-carbinol (I3C) that help fight against these estrogenic chemical compounds.
By fighting against the belly fat stimulating estrogenic chemicals, this is one more step which can significantly help you to win the battle against abdominal fat!
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How Safe is Your Weight Loss Diet?

Your Previous Diet May Have Not Been Safe…

Every New Year provides an opportunity to plan for a change of personal outlook, always for the better. And most often when men and women make new resolutions, it involves weight loss and best ways to diet. A noticeable number of questions have come to the National Metabolic Research and Longevity Research Center concerning past diets that people has gone into. They are curious to know if their past dieting has not been harmful to them instead.

The truth is, there have been a number of harmful weight loss “solutions” that were told out there and applied by people who were desperately trying to look fit, and are willing to try just about anything.

And here are few of the questions concerning their previous “best meal plans” that keep cropping up:

Q: “I’ve been eating nothing but protein; I thought this was the best way to lose weight. But now I doubt it and I’m afraid I might have done some irreversible damage to my body. Can I fix this?”

A: Of course you can! And you can correct things up. Your high protein diet has to be discontinued, and you have to reintroduce vegetables and fruits into your diet plan. When you keep your calorie intake at a reasonable level, you’ll see that many of the adverse effects that you have experienced will immediately go away.

Q: “I’ve tried every diet out there to lose weight….Atkins, Hollywood, you name it. Have I done internal harm?”

A: Fad diets do not actually help, and they are totally bad news. Safe miracle drinks and replacement meals that take you to a hunger weight loss plan to melt away your extra weight don’t exist. You do have to STOP THAT FAD DIET. It is not healthy!

Now I got your attention. It is easy and simple to live healthy. You only have to include in your meals plenty of vegetables, preferably raw. When you eat meat, take poultry, tuna, and egg whites. When you eat healthy, you can actually undo the damages these so called miracle diets created.

Q: “I know what I’m doing is harmful to my body, but if I change my diet now, I’m sure I’m going to gain all the weight back. What can I do?”

A: If the diet you are on is unhealthy and dangerous, that needs to be immediately changed. You can learn from here how you can boost your metabolism and lose weight the safe and natural way, and that is without jeopardizing your health which places you in danger. You can look good and will feel good. And that’s what is important!
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Matcha: The Best Antioxidant

Health Benefits of Low Fat Matcha

People around the world are going wild about matcha.  Young and old folks, the matcha fever is on!   It’s kicking off its way in countries like Canada and next in consumer line is the United States. 

What is this thing called matcha and what’s so special about it?   It’s a potent and healthy Japanese green tea and one of the most distinct teas in the market today.  Savor its good, great taste with its low fat content  quality.   What else could you ask for from a green tea like matcha?  

What then makes it unique from the rest of the green teas?  Though currently you may not totally find it yet  in every store outlet shelf,   it will  certainly be  coming right before your very  eyes in coffee bars, smoothie bars  and department stores.    
The most superior matcha is found in Uji Tawara area in Japan.  The koicha which is the “thick tea”   and usucha, the “thin tea” are the two different kinds  of matcha. The most essential use of matcha is in Japanese tea ceremonies.
What’s the difference between matcha and other teas? Only the matcha leaves are ground  into a fine powder  and mixed with hot water with the stems and veins excluded. You will be ingesting the whole pulverized leaf if you drink the tea.   This is the reason why matcha tea is more enriched in nutrients and anti-oxidants than other prevailing teas in the world market today.         
With its low fat content and containing only very minimal amount of caffeine,  drinking the tea will make you relax and makes you worry-free since there are no harmful effects of the element of caffeine.  

Matcha tea, the best complete, healthy   and delectable choice than the most common  black coffees and  lattes  that  consumers  take  nowadays is  something I highly urge you to try and  I bet you’ll never  regret it!
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